What is Title Search?

Friday Jan 28th, 2022


A title search, also known as a property title search, is conducted on homes to retrieve important details before a real estate transaction is completed. These details could include things such as whether the seller is the legal owner of the property, what restrictions or allowances apply to the use of the land, what payments and taxes still remain on the property, and any previous financial transactions linked to the property. A title search is typically performed by a real estate lawyer on a... [read more]

Should I Rent or Own a Condo?

Thursday Sep 23rd, 2021


THRER ARE 3 AREAS TO CONSIDER WHEN DECIDING ABOUT RENTING OR OWNING A CONDO 1. The principle of Owning Real Estate Real estate has proven, time and time again, to be a wealth-building vehicle in any market. Regardless of where the market is in its cycle, real estate investors have a myriad of options to make money at their disposal. Whether you choose to invest passively or as a hands-on rehabber, real estate can simultaneously generate a lucrative income and significant tax... [read more]