Selling or Buying house in 2023? Make it a great year with these tips.

Thursday Nov 24th, 2022


  Are you planning to sell or buy your house in 2023? If so, then this is the year to get ready. Here are five tips that will help you sell your home in a great way this year and beyond:   1. Be pre-approved for the mortgage You need to be pre-approved before you start looking at houses. Getting pre-approved means the lender has reviewed your financial situation and determined that you are eligible for a mortgage loan. While it's not binding and doesn't obligate... [read more]

Should I Rent or Own a Condo?

Thursday Sep 23rd, 2021


THRER ARE 3 AREAS TO CONSIDER WHEN DECIDING ABOUT RENTING OR OWNING A CONDO 1. The principle of Owning Real Estate Real estate has proven, time and time again, to be a wealth-building vehicle in any market. Regardless of where the market is in its cycle, real estate investors have a myriad of options to make money at their disposal. Whether you choose to invest passively or as a hands-on rehabber, real estate can simultaneously generate a lucrative income and significant tax... [read more]

The housing market trend for properties close to downtown Kingston

Tuesday Aug 24th, 2021

Downtown Kingston

As we are approaching to the third quarter in 2021, I think it is a good time to share some market information with you.    In July 2021 homes in the City of Kingston sold, on average, for 105.3% of their asking price! There were a total of 205 new listings and a total of 194 homes sold. The average sale price in the City of Kingston in July is $575,468 [1].    Next I would like to share some more in-depth data for... [read more]

5 Factors That Reveal Where The Real Estate Market Is Really Headed

Friday Aug 20th, 2021


5 Factors That Reveal Where The Real Estate Market Is Really Headed In a July release, the Canadian Real Estate Association reported that home sales had fallen for three months in a row after reaching an all-time high in March.1 So could one of the world’s hottest real estate markets finally be headed for a downturn? We wouldn’t bet on it. That’s because even though sales have slowed, it was still the strongest June on record—and 13% higher than last... [read more]